Call for Papers


Systems of Systems (​ SoSs) are gaining momentum due to the widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, an increasing interest for smart cities and cyber physical systems in industry, and the continuous servicing process enabled by the recent microservices paradigm. The heterogeneity and large scale of these systems require novel design techniques, architectures and software infrastructures able to integrate independent (sub)systems to support their seamless cooperation, even through emergent behaviors.

Each system of a SoS must both exist as an independent entity and become part of wider systems when needed. This vision radically changes the notion of “integrated” system: (a) (sub)systems offer limited interaction capabilities and little possibility to be controlled; (b) cooperation can be ad-hoc and only needed in specific cases or conditions; (c) in many cases there is no prior, complete, knowledge of the (sub)systems; (d) SoS behaviors can be partially unplanned to follow environment or requirement changes.

The list of relevant topics include but is not limited to:

  • Models of functional and non functional requirements, context and governance policies to support integration of SoS
  • Methods for architecture synthesis, coordination and adaptation patterns
  • Techniques for extracting behavior models from streams of continuos observations
  • Online V&V techiniques for functional and non-functional assessment and dependability
  • Context-awareness and context-aware adaptation techniques
  • Reconfiguration and optimization techniques
  • Self-* mechanism
  • Applications of Systems of Systems
  • Distributed Software Engineering: strategies, processes and methods
  • SoS experiences, case studies, and industrial perspectives
  • Knowledge management and Decision-making process in SoS


Accepted peer-reviewed papers will be included in a supplemental volume of the ISSRE conference proceedings, and published by the IEEE Computer Society on IEEE Xplore